Inuvika OVD (Open Virtual Desktop) Enterprise Subscription

OVD is provisioned from our Cloud Hosted platform, which is built on a fault-tolerant infrastructure with both redundancy and resiliency.
OVD runs on any device running an HTML5 browser and it can also run native on Apple IOS & OSX, Google Androids and Microsoft OS devices.
OVD Foundation clients are available for download from Apple Store, Google Store, Inuvika website and our website.
OVD is designed to run on your lowest Streamyx access package and with a minimum of any mobile 3G bandwidths.
OVD is a fully secured SSL environment virtual desktop.
OVD is fully customizable with elastic virtual desktop resolutions to perfectly fit any device.
OVD has full administration access control to secure corporate information and workspace to prevent information leakage.
Cross platform capabilities – Windows Apps on Linux Desktop and visa versa

Other products

We also supply Hosted Storage, Hosted email, Hosted Infra, Hosted anti-virus and Hosted anti-SPAM solutions. We are constantly adding new Cloud Computing solution to catalog. Contact us for more information.