Moor Resources

Moor Resources is a major resources player in the Data Center and Cloud computing arena. We supply sophisticated cloud technology and resources to our partners and resellers. We are currently the only authorized distributor in Malaysia for Inuvika Open Virtual Desktop (OVD).
The Moor team is a group of people who have expertise in every aspect of the Information Technology. We provide our services to our partners and resellers. Our main focus is specifically on the topic involving both Data Centre and Cloud Computing.
Leading the company into the future is a person who has been around since the introduction of Microcomputers in Malaysia. Eventhough he is a hardware engineer by his academic qualifications, he has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both Data Centre and Cloud Computing environments.
He is proud to announce that his first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, which had only 1KB of RAM and a Zilog Z80 Processor. It used a cassette tape for storage and a TV as a display unit.